Trevi Fountain Piazza del Popolo

Trevi Fountain Piazza del Popolo
Trevi Fountain Piazza del Popolo
Santa Maria del Miracoli Santa Maria Montesanto

Trevi Fountain Piazza del Popolo are our next stop and third in a series of blogs (first blog here) where we explore Rome Florence Venice with friends.  My wife and I never pass up an opportunity to visit Italy!  So at dinner one night with friends they told us they were visiting Italy for the first time, Rome, Florence and Venice and wanted us to go with them.  How could we say no?  We have been to Italy four times and it would be fun acting as tour guide for first time visitors.

 Trevi Fountain

Next in our days adventure is to locate the Trevi Fountain, as we walked we could hear the water falling and people yelling. Walking down the street we came to the area where three streets meet; behold was the Trevi Fountain. On this beautiful sunny day, the fountain was crowded with people waiting their turn to throw their coins, make wishes, taking photos. Trevi Fountain’s water first started to flow in 1743, pumping everyday 2,824,800 cubic feet of water. The fountain is Baroque in design, stands 85′ tall and 65′ wide. The fountain’s money collected every night is  given to Caritas, a Catholic charity, which gives to the needy people of Rome. A must do is to sit/turn with your back to the water, have three coins in your right hand and throw one at a time over you left shoulder. Making three wishes, the 1st to return to Rome, 2nd to find Love and the 3rd to Marry. Many famous movies scenes have taken place here, La Dolce Vita, Three Coins in the Fountain, Roman Holiday and the Lizzy McGuire Movie. We took our photos and made our three wishes.

Piazza del Popolo

Walking again, we headed to the Piazza del Popolo. We walked along another famous street, via del Corso, a place to” See and Be Seen”. Upscale stores, art galleries, architectural buildings, restaurants and churches line the street. Part of the street closed to vehicles, and open to pedestrians. How fun it was to walk down the middle of this beautiful street. We stopped at the Chapel of St. Barnabs, S Antonio Ai Auoi Devoti and St Rita Da Cascia (Agostiniana) and finally the end of the street opening into Piazza del Popolo. As we were about to enter the square  military vehicles and troops were standing guard, took us by surprise but we knew we were secure.

As we entered the square, stand two twin churches, Santa Maria dei Miracoli and Santa Maria in Montesanto facing the northern gate/entry of the Aurelian Wall. We, along with many people, were admiring the area and the Fontana dell Obelisco. a vendor/peddler handed my friend a red rose and also me, we thanked them and at the time they did not ask for a donation and we continued to enjoy the evening; a few minutes later, one came over to me and tied a red string bracelet on my wrist and proceeded to do the same to my friend. Then they asked our  husbands for money they refused to pay, they quickly ran over to us ripped off the bracelets, took the roses and proceeded to the fountain and washed them off. What just happened? We decided not to make a scene and left. We were outside the walls looking for transportation but we just missed the bus, we called an Uber and went back to hotel.

Home safely and rested we had our early Aperitif and decided to stroll the neighborhood; finding musicians playing, many outside seating restaurants, people laughing, we enjoyed the moment and took it all in. Finally deciding on a dining location, we enjoyed the experience and walked back to the hotel. What an amazing day visiting Trevi Fountain Piazza del Popolo and it was only the beginning, day one.

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