Satiate Your Palate with Exotic Dishes

Satiate Your Palate with Exotic Dishes
Satiate Your Palate with Exotic Dishes
Satiate Your Palate with Exotic Dishes


Satiate Your Palate with Exotic Dishes

It is never fun when you visit a place and not taste the unique exotic dishes in that particular place. During your Torquay holidays, you can satiate your palate with incredibly tasting dishes from different countries like India and Mexico. India has a distinct taste of honey and pepper, while Mexico of cheese and spices as well. Staying in one of the holiday cottages will make your holiday more enjoyable because of the ambiance and security they offer to visitors. You can cook your own food depending upon the type of amenities you have selected or you can eat out at any of the Indian and Mexican restaurants.

Indian restaurants

Indian restaurants are well known for their spicy and succulent vegetarian cuisines. From your holiday cottages, you can easily hop over to any of the Indian restaurants in the area. You may want to reserve in advance to ensure a comfortable place in the restaurant. Tandoori chicken,   mouth watering fish and vegetable dishes are served. Their dishes are made from fresh products and are personally cooked by the chef and not an assistant.  Your Torquay holidays can be one satisfying gourmet exploration. Try to taste some delicacies and you will most probably be going back.

Mexican Restaurants

Torquay holidays offer a grand time of dining and wining. Mexicans are famous for cheesy and spicy dishes. From your holiday cottages you can take the short trip to any Mexican restaurant and savour the chef’s specialty. The restaurant offers pistachios, pastas like spaghetti and macaroni; you can select either The Mexican or the Jingles Restaurant for your Mexican food. Both serve delicious Mexican cuisines which could make you go back for more while staying in your holiday cottages. The ambiance is also warm and friendly and the personnel are more than willing to accommodate any request that want done with your food. You can always reserve a table in advance whenever you want to bring your family for a cozy dinner. If you are feeling romantic, then a quiet dinner for two would be most ideal during your Torquay holidays. Large groups can also be accommodated in this reliable restaurant. What more, the surrounding areas offer amazing sights that you can enjoy while dining.

There are still different foreign restaurants you can eat in but you should not omit the Mexican and Indian cuisine. Their dishes are great tasting and worth a trip for. From your holiday cottages, you can venture outside and look for any of these restaurants. You can bring home any of the dishes to your holiday cottages. Remember to ask for the chef’s current special dish to taste the best of the best in Indian and Mexican cuisine during your Torquay holidays.

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