Mexican Food – Best Picks

Mexican Food – Best Picks
Mexican Food - Best Picks
Mexican Food – Best Picks


When you think of Mexican food, you usually think of spicy tacos, gooey enchiladas, tamales, a side order of rice and refried beans, and crispy salty chips served in large dishes on the table. Mexican food is so much more than these basic staples.

Best Picks

• Grilled beef, seafood, turkey, or chicken with sautéed vegetables and fresh salsa.
• Try guacamole with cucumber or jicama slices to dip.
• Try ceviche – seafood that has been marinated with citrus juices and served with chopped bell pepper, onions, and parsley.
• Fajitas (without the tortilla) – sautéed chicken, beef, turkey, or seafood with bell peppers, onions, and tomatoes with fresh salsa.
• Try chicken with a mole sauce (a mixture of chiles, spices, and chocolate. Yes, chocolate! Really. Try it. It is so delicious).
• Try chili verde – a spicy pork stew with tomatillos (a vegetable resembling green tomatoes). We are all familiar with the word chili, but the word verde may be unfamiliar and means green.
• Tostada Salads – These are okay if you skip the shell.


Margaritas – Ask if there is a sugar-free version of them. Many restaurants have them (you just have to ask).


• If you like flour tortillas, try corn tortillas instead.
• If you like the chorizo (fried sausage), try grilled chicken or seafood instead.
• If you like the sour cream, try the fresh salsa or pico de gallo instead.
• If you like gooey cheesy quesadillas, try fajitas instead with sautéed chicken, steak, or turkey and vegetables.
• If you like the tacos, try a taco or fajita salad without the tortilla shell.
• If you like the flautas, try beef, turkey, or chicken enchiladas with red sauce or fresh salsa.

Practice saying

• Can I have that with the corn tortillas instead?
• Can I have that without the tortilla shell?
• Can I have the margarita without sugar, or can you use a sugar substitute with it?

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