Mexican Chicken Tacos

Mexican Chicken Tacos

Mexican Chicken Tacos

Mexican Chicken Tacos
Mexican Chicken Tacos

Everyone loves a crisp taco filled with chicken and a variety of fresh veggies and other ingredients. The chicken taco is just one of the many Mexican dishes that has fans from all over the world. Tacos are now so common in international cuisine that most people have forgotten its country of origin, Mexico. A taco is nothing but a tortilla wrapped around a filling. Mexicans have been making corn tortillas for centuries now; inhabitants of the lake region of Valley of Mexico are known to have eaten tortillas wrapped around small fish – the first version of tacos. People in certain other regions in Mexico were far more adventurous and had tacos filled with ants and other insects and snails!

Now, tacos have become as much a part of the American scene as it is in Mexico. You can see taco trucks just about anywhere in the US. The snack has such a strong pull that in US and Mexico, you could locate a taco truck with your nose; these makeshift taco stalls are busy till almost midnight at times. Every country has its own version of the Mexican recipe and the ingredients are altered to suit the local tastes;

You don’t have to go in search of a taco stall every time you yearn for the snack; it’s easy to make this dish at home. So if you’re planning a special evening with loved ones, this would be the perfect snack to make to impress them and to have a great time. Here’s the recipe to make your own chicken tacos at home.

Keep these ingredients ready –

* Whole chicken breasts -6 (remove skin and bones and cut into two)

* Jalapeno Chile Pepper – 1

* Chicken broth – 4 cups

* Dried oregano leaves (crushed) – ½ tsp

* Minced garlic – 2 cloves

* Taco sauce – ¼ cup

* Fresh lime juice – 2 tbsp

* Tortillas or taco shells – 24

* Shredded lettuce – 1

* Plum tomatoes – 5 (cut into cubes)

* Sour cream – 2 cups

* Chopped fresh cilantro – 1 cup

How to proceed –

* Remove the fat from the chicken breasts. Wash the chicken pieces thoroughly and dry with paper towels.

* Take a heavy pan and boil chicken stock with chili pepper, crushed garlic and oregano leaves. When it starts boiling, simmer and mix in the chicken. Let it remain uncovered over low flame for at least ten minutes.

* When the chicken is opaque, turn off the heat and let it cool for about fifteen minutes. Take the chicken out and shred it.

* In a bowl, blend together lime juice and taco sauce. Pour this mixture over the shredded chicken and mix it well.

* Transfer this to a serving bowl and keep it covered with foil to stay warm.

* Heat the tortillas or taco shells and keep them covered in a serving plate.

* To fill the shells, first spoon out the prepared chicken, then layer it with ice lettuce and top up with plum tomatoes and cilantro.

Chicken tacos are ideally served with a Spanish rice and refried beans.

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