Cooking Quinoa

Cooking Quinoa


I have to tell the truth. When I first heard about quinoa, I was more than a tiny bit doubtful. How could a meal which had a great number of health benefits really taste good at the same time? A friend of mine had been endeavoring to convince me that it would give me the energy and protein that I really need to power my fast paced life, but I was much less convinced. Man, am I glad that I made a decision to make the leap! Ever since the first time I realized the right way to prepare quinoa, I have been hooked! Better still, my family members love cooking quinoa grain also!

Assuming you have never prepared quinoa, let me talk about several tricks for you. The very first thing that you will always wish to keep in mind is the fact that quinoa must be washed. A lot of people try and omit this step to conserve time, however ultimately they wind up disappointed. Quinoa that has never been washed tastes like detergent and even for many people, it also causes stomach upset. In the event you desire to hasten the amount of time that rinsing quinoa grain requires, it is easy to soak it for a couple of hours just before rinsing. This is very helpful when you have purchased your quinoa grain from bulk bins as it allows you to release the wax-like saponin on the seeds exterior. You will need to wash under water until the water can run clear.

It is easy to prepare quinoa over the range or in the rice cooker. It can even be baked should you be looking for a crispy topping for yogurt or even to take the place of croutons on your salad. In the event that you decide to prepare quinoa grain on the stove top or rice cooker, you will want to use two times as much liquid as you’re preparing quinoa grain. Bring it to boil over high heat and then change the heat to moderate low. Cover the cookware and simmer for between 14 and 16 minutes or until the fluid is all soaked up . Remove the quinoa grain from the heat and allow to stay covered for an additional 5 minutes or so.

In case you would prefer to use your food steamer, simply follow the very same directions that you would use for white rice. Considering each and every steamer is a bit different , you will need to modify the cooking time accordingly . To bake quinoa grain you will need to pre-heat your oven to 375 and bake the quinoa for about eighteen minutes. Before baking you may toss the quinoa together with a little organic extra-virgin olive oil and whatever seasonings you want .

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